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Compañía Industrial de Tabacos S.A.

About us

We are a family with solid values backed by tradition, which lead us to become one of the biggest industries in Bolivia after several years of operation, basing our corporate policies upon full compliance of the law.

We stand out as a company committed with the quality of our products and customer satisfaction, based upon responsibility, professionalism and solvency, provided by a trajectoryck and experience of over 84 years of operation.

We intend to continue as one of the most credible and solid companies in Bolivia, employing only state of the art technology, by innovating the attributesqualities of our products, and working for improving continuously the standardscontinuous improvement and achievieng complete satisfaction of our clients.

  • La Paz

    Teléfono: +(591) 2 2305353
    Fax: +(591) 2 2307272
    Casilla: 210
    Dirección: Av. Chacaltaya nro. 2141 (Zona Achachicala)
  • Santa Cruz (Of. Administración)

    Teléfono: +(591) 3 3888450
    Casilla: 3101
    Dirección: Condominio Empresarial
    Parque Coronado (Carretera al Norte)
  • Santa Cruz (Fábrica Warnes)

    Teléfono: +(591) 9232472
    Dirección: Carretera al Norte Km. 27
  • Cochabamba

    Teléfono: +(591) 4 4022771
    Fax: +(591) 4 4117471
    Dirección: Av. 27 de Abril S/N entre Av. Blanco Galindo y Av. Víctor Ustariz

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