Sustainable employment Sustainable employment


We are a company with a high sense of belonging and a low turnover rate. Our employees work in working environment away from conflict, in which predominate quality relationships, strengthened with respect and thoughtfulness.

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Research and development Research and development

and development

We believe in the future because we have a positive and productive past. Due to this, we invest in the training of our people and in the acquisition of technology, ensuring our continuity as leaders in our field.

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We work hand in hand with our tobacco producers, training them, giving them a source of living, and keeping them up in tobacco growing to improve day by day:

  • Training program for tobacco growing
  • Employment generation
  • Transmission of technology and knowledge
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Apoyo al productor
  • La Paz

    Teléfono: +(591) 2 2305353
    Fax: +(591) 2 2307272
    Casilla: 210
    Dirección: Av. Chacaltaya nro. 2141 (Zona Achachicala)
  • Santa Cruz (Of. Administración)

    Teléfono: +(591) 3 3888450
    Casilla: 3101
    Dirección: Condominio Empresarial
    Parque Coronado (Carretera al Norte)
  • Santa Cruz (Fábrica Warnes)

    Teléfono: +(591) 9232472
    Dirección: Carretera al Norte Km. 27
  • Cochabamba

    Teléfono: +(591) 4 4022771
    Fax: +(591) 4 4117471
    Dirección: Av. 27 de Abril S/N entre Av. Blanco Galindo y Av. Víctor Ustariz